We foresee the future. We own the outcome.

In this enterprising market, we are ready with a united vision, innovative solutions and a determined drive to succeed. These will be key to INFINITY’S strong, sustainable and balanced growth, for the long term. We bring Food/Beverages Industry, Plastic Industry, Maize/Wheat Mill Industry, Oil Refinery Industry, Formulation of Carbonation Soft Drink, Carbonated Energy Drink, Carbonated Malt Drink, Ready to Drink juice, Pulp Juice, Ready to Drink Powder juice, Sparkling Water and production facilities to life, from the initial concept all the way through to the implementation.

Secondary  Consultancy services :

Dairy Industries, Candy Industries, Maize/Wheat Mill, Oil Refinery Industries , Detergent Industries, Site inspection followed by creation of plant layout, Testing of raw water and product water, Assistance in procuring the required machineries, Procurement and set-up of chemical and Microbiological laboratories, Assistance in choosing the right staff for plant operations like operators, marketing team, procurement team, Lab assistance, Defining marketing strategies as per the market movement, Selection of vendors for raw materials like Performs, Caps, Labels, Jars, Corrugated Boxes, Spares, Research and development work on products.